How to run a report for candidates and their overall grades? (ACF)

Atlas Cloud forward results to us over the weekend following a learner’s test, these are then uploaded to the learner’s record by the middle of the following week.

A) Select your site

B) Select the qualification your candidates took from the dropdown (if in doubt select ‘All Qualifications’)

C) Set Qualification Status to ‘Completed’ or ‘All’

D) Enter the date range to cover the learner’s registration date

E) Select ‘Qualifications + Units + Results’

  • Click ‘View report’ to view online, or ‘Export to Excel’ for a CSV.

Once we have received a pass mark for each unit within the learner’s qualification, the results will go through the validation process.  Once this is completed, the qualification will be completed, the grade added to the report and the certificate issued. 

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