How do I revalidate my CITP Certificate of Current Competence?

On award of CITP registration registrants receive a Certificate of Current Competence valid for 5 years.

Up to three months before the 5th anniversary of your award, or last revalidation date, you will be invited to submit evidence of continued practice in the IT profession, a current CV and examples of CPD activities you have undertaken. Subject to successful review by a Chartered membership assessor a new Certificate of Current Competence is awarded.

The revalidation date can be found on your certificate.

If your Certificate of Current Competence is due to to expire (within 6 months of your CoCC expiry date) or you do not hold a Certificate of Current Competence including those that have expired, you can apply for revalidation at any time via the revalidation portal in MyBCS under ‘Manage your Membership’.

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