How can a Centre edit a candidates details? Approved Centre (ACF)

When registering a candidate we ask that you take care to ensure the details are correct as this can turn out to be costly for you in the future if they are incorrect. For example, if a certificate is printed with the incorrect name you will be charged for a replacement, so please double-check before confirming your registrations. Learners must be registered with their legal name.

If for any reason a name/date of birth/ULN or registration needs to be amended please contact us using live chat or email providing the user's BCS ID. When editing one or two candidates details please use live chat, for larger lists please send in an email.

To correct a duplicate user (one candidate with two BCS IDs) please email and we can get the accounts merged. Just let us know the two IDs and which one you want them to continue using.

Remember: we can only update details for amendments only, we cannot remove a registration or replace a BCS ID with another candidate, as defined in 14.2.4 of the operations manual.

If you spot incorrect details after you’ve received the certificate please contact us to update our database. To arrange a replacement please fill out the replacement certificate form on the Approved Centre Forum and send the incorrect certificate back to the address below:

FAO Qualifications
3 Newbridge Square



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