What are the Approved Centre invigilation rules? Approved Centre (ACF)

In order to operate you must ensure that you have a minimum of two members of staff registered as Invigilators and one member of staff registered as a Centre Manager. An Invigilator is responsible for the monitoring and invigilation of assessments under assessment conditions.

An Invigilator is: 

  • Required to be registered with BCS.
  • Required to have completed the BCS Centre Training programme before they commence the invigilation of BCS live tests.
  • Responsible for the assessment session ensuring the assessment outputs only contain the work of the Learner and that no assistance has been available.
  • Required to check identification of Learners prior to assessment.
  • Responsible for ensuring the Learner is registered with BCS prior to assessment.
  • Responsible for ensuring assessment regulations are adhered to for all assessments.
  • Responsible for checking that Learners have not taken the same assessment stream previously.
  • Responsible for ensuring failed assessments are not re-taken unless a full calendar day has passed.
  • Required to be observed during their first live testing session and annually thereafter to ensure assessment regulations are being followed.
  • Not permitted to be involved in any marking or invigilation activity if they have had any prior involvement with the teaching of learners undertaking the assessment.
  • Not permitted to receive any financial incentive (such as bonuses, one off payments or performance related incentives) for their invigilation, regardless of the assessment outcome. Standard fees can be received for the provision of invigilation services, but this fee also cannot be influenced by the assessment outcome.
  • If supplied by an organisation, that organisation must not receive any financial incentive for their invigilation, regardless of the test outcome.
  • Ensure that if the automated test system is used, that the invigilator logs in with their own secure username and password.
  • Ensure that if the automated test system is used, and an invigilator key is being used, that the actual invigilator, for the test, generates the invigilator key.
  • Ensure that the number of learners that are taking a live test at any one time, are of a number that the invigilation process can be carried out adequately. BCS recommend a ratio of x1 Invigilator to 25 learners taking a live test at any one time.
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