What is an Approved Centre Centralised Recording System? Approved Centre (ACF)

Your centre must have a centralised recording system in place. This is to allow you to record all of the required learner and assessment data for BCS qualifications.

The following must be recorded at your centre;

  • Learner title
  • Learner forename
  • Learner surname
  • House number or name*
  • Postcode*
  • Learner telephone number*
  • Learner date of birth.
  • Gender.
  • Qualification registered for.
  • Registration date.
  • Registration number.
  • Evidence of Guided Learning Hours.
  • Assessment date.
  • Start and finish time.
  • Duration of assessment (this can be a calculated field).
  • Access to Assessment additional time.
  • Assessment version taken.
  • Outcome (pass/fail, percentage or grade achieved).
  • Who invigilated the assessment.
  • Learner proof of ID.
  • Who marked the work.
  • Who second marked the work.
  • Result of second mark (mark or percentage).
  • Qualification completion date.
  • Certificate received date.
  • Certificate dispatch/collection date.

*For learners under the age of 16, the centre's information should be recorded.

Centres are required to keep fully auditable records of all assessments for three years after qualification completion.

Please see section 9.1 of the Operational Requirements Manual for more information.

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