How do I submit my HEQ project proposal and my completed project?


Please download the HEQ Project Proposal Form, complete it and email it to

Payment is required at the point of project proposal submission. 

£75.00 – Diploma Project / £105.00 for Professional Graduate Diploma project

You can pay by cheque, bank draft or credit card. To pay by credit or debit card, please phone Customer Service on +44 (0)1793 417417.

Further guidance on the proposal can be found in section 4.2 of the HEQ Notes for Guidance (PDF).


Professional projects must be submitted in soft copy format along with the following:

  • P1 - to be completed and signed by the candidate
  • P2 - to be completed and signed by the authenticator

There are further HEQ Guidance notes and the necessary Checklist & Submission Forms, P1 & P2, within the Application Forms. 

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