What are Approved Centres and Satellite Sites? - Approved Centre (ACF)

Any site where assessment regularly takes place must be registered with BCS as a satellite site. These sites are covered by the accreditation awarded to the Approved Centre. Assessment at satellite sites must be centrally managed and all records of candidates and assessments held at the lead Approved Centre. The central recording system must be held and managed at the Approved Centre. Members of staff employed by the lead Centre must carry out the assessments and they must be registered with BCS for the relevant qualifications.

It is not appropriate for Approved Centres to register independent organisations as satellite sites. Independent organisations must be accredited in their own right. Approved Centres wishing to co-ordinate BCS Qualifications on behalf of another organisation must contact BCS.

To add/register a satellite centre, complete the online form on the Approved Centre Forum under Ordering & Administration > Satellite Sites & Web Listings > Satellite Site Registration.

To remove a satellite centre, please email to tell us which centre you wish to deactivate.

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