Can Approved Centre Staff take BCS exams? (ACF)

Staff testing is defined as any member of staff who works for the BCS Approved Centre taking a BCS test or assessment at the Centre where they work. Additional measures must be put in place whenever any Centre staff are being tested:

  • The Centre Manager must request permission to test staff prior to any live test taking place
  • Only staff who have NEVER have any involvement with teaching, administration or invigilation of BCS qualifications can take tests
  • Staff are required to take their tests with other Learners registered at the Centre, i.e. non-staff (if this is not possible, please contact for advice)
  • Any test session which includes staff testing must have two Invigilators, and the two Invigilator names must be recorded in the central recording system, along with a record of their signatures
  • Any records containing details of staff training must be retained for a minimum of three years for quality assurance purposes

If you require and further information or advice on staff testing, please contact the Channel Partner Quality Team at 


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