Who can authenticate my HEQ Professional Project?

The HEQ Professional Project must be authenticated using the forms provided, either by a BCS Professional Member (i.e. MBCS/FBCS) or an IT Professional (e.g. Manager, Supervisor or Tutor) with a minimum of 5 years of management and/or supervisory experience at the appropriate level. candidates should ensure that this is explicitly stated.  Non BCS members must submit a detailed CV to the BCS indicating the candidate(s) for whom they are acting as authenticator. Candidates should ensure that the 5 years of management and/or supervisory experience is explicitly stated.

A project authenticator should be in a position to guarantee that the work submitted is the candidate's own work and should not be:

  • related to the project candidate by birth or marriage.
  • in a personal relationship with the project candidate.
  • registered as living at the same address as the project candidate.

The report should be submitted in a folder (or binder) identified by the name and reference number of the candidate and clearly stating the level of the project (either Diploma in IT or Professional Graduate Diploma in IT).


Projects should be submitted in soft copy by email (Candidates in Mauritius are required to submit a hard copy for assessment by the Mauritius Examinations Syndicate) in Microsoft Word, Wordperfect, rich text format, PDF, postscript, plain text or HTML format.  BCS reserves the right to scan the project work through anti-plagiarism software.


You should ensure that you have all of the necessary information about the project, including, Guidance Notes for Candidates, Form P1, Form P2, and Guidance Notes to Authenticators. These can also be obtained by contacting the Higher Education Qualifications (HEQ) office

Please also ensure that your authenticator has a copy of the project regulations and the Guidance to Authenticators to assist in authenticating your project report. Your authenticator will need to complete Form P2.

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